Worker's Compensation

Worker’s Compensation insurance can be one of the largest line items on a company’s annual budget. Assisting you in driving down these premiums is what we do. We pair your company with insurers that focus on your specific industry, to maximize value and appropriately manage your risks.

Capstone offers a broad array of options to meet your needs, and we assist you in picking the best financing options, such as “pay as you go” to help you manage your cash on hand.

Our aim is to lower your premiums, expand your cash flow, and help you pick the program that best reduces your exposure.

General Liability

Yet another type of insurance that is essential, but at the same time, a drain on your company’s cash flow, general liability policies can protect your organization in case of lawsuits associated with such events as property damage, or personal and bodily injuries caused by your employees.

Capstone can help you identify your risks and limit them by helping you select the coverage that best suits your company’s needs.

Employee Benefits

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Association Plan

  • Proud to be an appointed agency for the California Trucking Association Health & Welfare Trust Plan.